Why would I choose tiramisu coffee as my blog name?
Simply because after I started to work, I began to like drinking coffee. Not powder coffee such as top coffee or luwak white coffee, but more like bottled coffee like good day etc.

I’ve never been a huge fan of coffee because I hate bitter taste, but these bottled coffees are usually sweet and what attract me most about that coffee is because it has tiramisu taste in it.

And since then tiramisu coffe became my best friend :). I drink it whenever i feel sleepy, have hard time in office, or even feel happy. So that’s what I really hope with my new blog: a tiramisu coffe, a best friend who keep me company whenever and wherever. It doesn’t have to understand me, I simply need it to accompany me in my better or worse moments in life 🙂

My simple blog is not as good as any other blogs you can find in world wide web. But I hope you can enjoy your visit here, maybe even leave a comment or two.

I humbly welcome you to my blog, would you like some coffee? Tiramisu coffee, maybe?