Well, recently I’ve been moved to another division in my workplace. The manager IS SO HUMBLE. We have the same ideas about hard working and balance life between social life and work life. Basically I like him a lot. And he has so many experiences and stories to share to his team, I heard some of his experiences this afternoon, and yeah, my new manager definitely SOMEONE. Hope I can always be a part of his team, not just a substitute for the recently sick project leader (get well soon, mister).

Anyway, since I’ve been moved to another division, I had to move from my desk to another room. And guess what, I get to sit behind a cute guy I like. He is maybe not everyone’s cute guy, but for me, he’s cute. Well, handsome and cute are relative but ugly is absolute, right? Lol. Just kidding.

I never expect anything from straight guys, I just want to be his friend. Really. He’s actually a friendly guy, but I can’t smile to him, I can’t say hi, I just can’t (we have known each other for like 2 weeks btw). I don’t know why. I have never had any difficulties making friends with other guys. Is it maybe because I like him? I don’t know. And I hate myself for that. Maybe now he thinks I don’t like him. Oh gosh no! I really like you 😥

I even stalked his social accounts. How can I find his social accounts?
S e c r e t! :p
And he already has a girlfriend. A beautiful one. And he is twin… That’s quite shocking thou.

Well I think for now I’ll try my best to greet him properly, even smile at him. I hope we can be bestfriend :).