I fall for a guy, his name is H. He is handsome and stylish. He is taking major in English Literature.
And yes, he’s younger than me.

I knew him from a friend of mine. We chat using line several times for 3 weeks or less. He’s a funny and a pampered kind of guy. I usually do not like spoiled boy, but I felt different feeling for H. I like him a lot.

So, on Sunday, 18 May 2014, we decided to meet up by going to church together (we have same religion btw). I picked him up at 17.20 in front of his boarding house which located near my office :D.
He wore short sleeved shirt and slim fit jeans. He looked adorable.

Long story short, we went to church together and went back to my boarding house. We talked and threw jokes on each other, sometimes talked serious matter. Then when the clock showed 9pm, I asked him to be my partner….


I was so happy and hugged him. I smelt his perfume and kissed him on the cheeks. Before I let him go, I whispered to him “Thank you, H… I promise to love you forever”. He smiled and kissed my lips.

For some time until now, I always think what my life could be without him. It’s like he completes me, and my life would be so-so without him. I hope he feels the same way and we can always be together :).

I always think, praying to God is like ordering foods in a restaurant. And when your prayer has been answered, you have the same feeling like your orders have been served: you feel grateful, you feel excited and you can’t wait to taste the foods-the experience to love him more each and everyday.

I thank God for serving my orders. Thank you, daddy J. You are my saviour.

Thank you, H for loving me each and everyday.

I woof you ❤