Actually I’ve wrote several posts about what I have in mind, but I decided not to post them. I wrote about someone I like (someone smart, hardworker, and hopelessly sweet). Then I wrote about my coworker, and I think it’s quite dangerous to post about workplace in blog though I remain anonymous. Then I wrote about the-straight-guy-I-have-crush-on-workplace, and again, decided not to post it. Now I don’t know what to do. Haha.

Yesterday my housemate said that she wanted to go to a mall. At that time, I really really have so much things to think about, and yeah, why not? Both of us are not from Jakarta, so yesterday was our first time sightseeing Jakarta from my motorcycle. And it was horrible.

At first we wanted to go to Emporium Pluit, but I chose the wrong way and we ended up at Taman Anggrek. I know, it’s very far…. And after we sightseeing for like 2hrs and had some dinner, we went to our boarding house. And guess what? The traffic was horrible. The industrial trucks were going out from Jakarta to other places, so the road was completely blocked by them. Though we were riding motorcycle, it was so hard to find path between those trucks… Damn.

We finally arrived at boarding house at 11pm (we departed at 7pm) and I went to sleep. This morning, I almost late for work because I’m still exhausted from those trip to Taman Anggrek. After what happened yesterday I decided to use a taxi than ride my own motorcycle.
It’s not worth it.