Hey fellas!
It’s been a while since my last posts. It was quite hectic preparing for User Acceptance Test and everything, staying late at office and composing presentation..
Well the worst has passed (for now) and now I’m not really busy. I always chatting with my besfriend via Facebook every morning to noon and reading 9gag every afternoon to evening. Speaking of free internet connection. LOL

The recent issue in my workplace is the exodus of several workers. I shouldn’t say exodus, but there are 8 of them resigning at the same time. One of them is my manager. Yes, the one I idolize so much. So there must be something wrong with my office, right?

My teammate always talking about we-should-get-out-from-this-damned-company-ASAP each and every second. And for me, it’s absurd because we have just worked for 5 months and when you try to find a new job after working ONLY for 5 months, you will be another Fresh Graduates for the next company. So I have no interest in repeating my disgusting experience as another Fresh Graduates, especially the salary. Jakarta is tough, man. You need money. A lot.

So what really bothers me is: if you think something is wrong with the company, why don’t you stay and change it? Why do you want to leave? It’s a temporary solution because you might end up in the same or worse company, right? Why don’t you become the agent of change? Change the situation, the condition, anything you call it… Running is not an option.

But everytime I say that, my other team mates give me I-don’t-believe-what-you-say look. It’s like I’m a mutant. I’m a mistake. I’m a disease.

Is it so wrong trying to struggle your way to the top in your first time working in a company?

I know I might sound so naive. The world is so effing big, and I expect to get highest position in my first company? It’s like I’m living a small world, right? But what I’m trying to say is: fight back! We musn’t give up! Do something. Change the situation! Be the agent of change. Keep trying till there’s no other options but to resign and move your ass up to another company. But at least people would notice that you have tried.

We have only been working for five months. FIVE FUCKING MONTHS. What do you expect? The road might not be easy. The wind might blow your body. But making a decision just from your five fucking months experience of working in this company is a total bullshit. And he keeps saying about becoming civil worker because civil workers in Indonesia will get this and that, the salary might not as big as we get now but there will be compensation now and then. And any other bullshit.

If you really want to be a civil worker, why didn’t you try to apply for civil worker position back then?

Dude, for now, you and I are stuck in this position. Like it or not, we have to face it together. Stop daydreaming. We have to finish our six months probations first… Focus!

Well that’s what I feel with my team mate and his rumbling about our future if we were working in different company and so on. Sometimes all I can do is smile, but sometimes it’s tiring to listen to that. And I need to talk to someone other than my work mate (never trust your work mate 100%) that’s why I wrote this post.

Now I feel a loooottttttt better. Thanks my tiramisu coffee 🙂