It’s been almost a month since my last post. I’m doing fine yet boring job at the office. Last week my senior in college called me and offered me a position in a company he’s been working on. I asked about the jobdesc, he told me what should I do if I got the job, and I was interested to get the job….and leaving my current job. Yup I know, it’s risky and everything. But I can’t stand to do my boring job. Sitting 8 hours behind the desk writing some documents or write some codes.

So, after 1 day of hesitation, I contacted my senior and sent my CV application to his company. I had high hopes because I really want the job. I don’t care whether I should start over my fresh graduate experience, as long my life will be better (socially, not financially I guess).

But then, another friend of mine is also interested in joining this company. So, I gave him the information and told him to send his application letter and CV. I always try to be as positive as I can: I have nothing to lose, if I got the job, I’ll have an upgrade in my social life, but if I didn’t then I still have my current job anyway. So it’s a win-win for me.

I waited for like a week. Everyday I expect an email or call from the company. But none has ever come.

And then suddenly, tonight, a friend of mine who also applied to this company text me. He asked me whether I get the interview or not. I said I’m not, because I really don’t get any call or email. Then I asked him about the call. He said the company called him for an interview next Thursday.

Oh God. I really want this job, but I didn’t make it. I always try to stay positive, but still, a part of my heart died. I always believe in God’s plan. But sometimes I want that having my dream job is also in God’s plan. But yeah, God wants me to do my job at my current office. To the boring one.

I shouldn’t complain though. I’m lucky to have a job these days. So yeah, I should stay positive. Throw away the negativity, expect the best thing for my friend and for my life.

And once again, thanks my tiramisu coffee, for being there for me when I’m in my lowest point.

Ah, and don’t forget, when life gives you lemon….fuck it. Throw it back to life’s face as hard as you fucking can. If life really have that much lemons, he should open a lemonade stall, not giving lemons away for free.

Damn you, Life!