I’ve never been a huge fan of bisexual guys. No matter how sexy he is; facial hair, hairy pits, nice natural body smell, or cute pointy nipples. Okay, I just mentioned my fetishes in an online blog. Hahaha. Never mind that.

Back to topic,
I always thought that we, humans, were created to make choices. We choose to become someone we want, we choose to be together with people we like, we choose to live our life the way we want, and also choosing partner; either male or female, but not both. And as I understand, the term “bisexual” means that someone are able to have sexual intercourse with both genders. And many homosexuals (gay guys for specific) these days are tend to choose to become bisexual rather than to be a homosexual or a heterosexual.

A simple question pops up in my mind: why?

And then this simple question branches to many whys: Why would you choose to love both genders? Why can’t you make up your mind to choose one gender to spend your entire life? Is your heart sooo big that you can love many people at the same time? Or is it the sex that makes you can’t make up your mind? Just why?

For me, I’ve met both type of gay guys. And the guys who hurt me the most are the bisexual type. “We have no future together. Men are suppose to be with women” is the most common reason I heard from these bi-guys. If YOU are SUPPOSED to be with a woman, why the fuck do you bother to know me? Had relationship with me? And suddenly left me for “the girl of your dream”? You (the bi-guys) are such a sick bastard.

Up until now, I never want to take any kind of relationship with bi-guys, especially if I saw/chat him from gay-finder-mobile-application. And by saying “any”, I literally mean ANY kind of relationship (acquaintance, friend, bestfriend, friend with benefits, you name it). The world already full of hypocrites, I don’t need another to be my friend. That’s why when someone says “hi” to me, I’ve always ask his sexual orientation first.

If you really want to be my friend, you’d better made up your mind; choose which sides you are on.

And yes, I had bad experiences with bi-guys. But no, I don’t take advices from anyone to “forgive” them.