Merry Christmas great people!
If only Santa Claus were real, I must have got a present now. I’ve been a good boy all year long… 😀

Well, I actually want to have an iPhone 6 right now. But looking my circumstances right now, I guess I should wait for several months – or years – before I can afford one hahaha.

My iPhone 5’s screen is bent, I don’t know what causes it. We have already been together for 2 years. Maybe it’s too old? But actually this beaut is still good to go, the only problem is the bent screen.

I was looking some iDevice services on the internet, and the fee is quite pricey, starting from IDR 1.9mil to 2.5mil *deep sighing*

Haha. I know it’s not a good reason to buy another iPhone. Maybe I should try to find iDevice services from Kaskus?
Yeah, maybe I should…