I’m a well planned guy. I always plan everything; from the very beginning of the day, until the end of the day. I always do the planning the night before I go to sleep. I love a well-planned schedule. You can call me orthodox, classic, whatever you name it, but this is me.

Some time I like random things between my well-planned schedule. Random silly things; like writing this post between my-hectic-new-year-eve-working-schedule, or going to a mall just to find some delicious pork. I like a planned-random-thing.
Confused? Don’t be.
You can always plan a random thing. And sometimes these random things are the things that make your day brighter and happier, yes?

I like doing random things.
But I hate chaos. I do hate chaos.

Chaos is different from random. You can always plan a random thing, but chaos? You can’t do anything about chaos. I don’t like it when people I don’t like out of nowhere joining to go to lunch with my group. I don’t like running at airport dragging my belongings to the plane because I was late, because my sister was having a nice cute breakfast with her boyfriend, which is not on my schedule list, because she said that she would only went to get some cash at ATM and turned out she was having a breakfast. That stupid random thing causes shitty chaos domino effect in my shcedule.

To put it simple, chaos is random things that other people plan and interfere my planned-and random schedule. While random things are random plan that I make for myself.

That’s why, I’d prefer to trust myself than to trust other people, because whenever I trust other people to plan something for me, chaos happens.

Never trust other, trust yourself