I remember when I got the news on social media, Path, about the missing airplane: Air Asia QZ8510, I was at the waiting room, 28th Dec 2014 11.45 am. I checked in on Path at Juanda International Airport, Surabaya, then one of my friend commented: Hey, I’m so sorry to hear about Air Asia (Hei, itu yang pesawat Air Asia kasian banget).

Then I asked her: what happen with Air Asia? And some friends commented my moment in Path. Pieces by pieces mystery revealed through Path comments: Air Asia lose contact with the communication tower. The flight route? Surabaya to Singapore. Yes, Surabaya. The same departure airport as I had.

That time, I did believe, and hope, that Air Asia only had a communication trouble and nothing bad will happen. And so I flew to Jakarta using Lion Air.

It was terrifying to fly in a bad weather.

That’s the first time I surrender myself to God, “Whatever happen, I do believe in your plans, God.”

We were surrounded by gray-ish cloud, the oh-it’s-going-to-rain cloud. I couldn’t see anything beneath us, neither land nor sea. The fasten-your-seatbelt sign turned on and off several times. The airplane was shaking. The wind blew airplane’s right-wing hard.

That was the moment when I almost lose hope. I did believe that flight will be my last flight. A pessimist person? No, I was not. You should get on that flight, you will understand what I felt.

As when I surrounded with negativity, the flight attendants started to walk around, offering the Lion Air’s product….with smile on their faces. That was the time when I got my courage back. Even at the worst flight condition, they smile.

And thank God, I arrived safely at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

I might not understand how Air Asia’s passengers felt the moment Air Asia was going to crash. It might and might not be the same as what I felt. I don’t know how they reacted. I don’t know what exactly happened up there. I know nothing.
But I do know it was scary up there, flying in the middle of bad weather.
And they had done their best, both the passengers and the crews. They had tried their best to fight bad weather and fight the most terrifying moment up there.

And the worst had passed, God has decided for all of them to fly higher.

My deepest condolences for the victim’s families. I’m really sorry for your lost. I do believe they live in a better place now.

Fly high, Air Asia QZ8510.