Whoa, it’s already new year. That means almost one full year without any post at all. Haha. I’m so busy with my new job. Well, it’s not new actually, cos I’ve already joined this company for almost a year.

What can I say? Life’s good. God is good. Everything is good. Thank God. Thank Jesus. In this post, I will summarize my 2015 life in 4 big events.

In March 2015, my company sent me to Singapore. This was my second time went to another country. Singapore is a great country to live in, but the living cost is very high. The cheapest meal I could find is SGD6.00, a philippine foodstall, small portion, exclude drink. WTF. I can eat in 4 stars restaurant in Indonesia using that money. And the taxi fare is killing me. The closing-door fare was SGD6.50. Seriously? 

I went to Marina Bay Sands to take a picture in front of the iconic Merlion statue. Had dinner at Clarke Quay. Went to Mustafa in Little India. I didn’t go to Universal Studio though. It was raining hard when I arrived at Sentosa Island.

I used MRT to travel around in Singapore. No delay. No pushing at each other, unlike Indonesia’s Commuter Line. And the best of all, it was very safe to walk alone at night, around 2am. It is definitely a great country to live in. I LOVE SINGAPORE.

Second big event was my sister’s wedding in October 2015 and now she’s 2 months pregnant. I’m going to be an uncle soon. Damn. I’m not ready for this shit. To be honest, I’m not really good with kids. I mean, I can play with them, but I have a very limited patience. Especially with naughty kids… Well for now, I’m hoping the best for my sister. Hope everything going well, big sis!

Third big event: I spent my Christmas holiday in Madiun. I flew with Lion Air to Solo, got delayed twice before I decided to ban Lion Air forever in my life. Not to mention another scary story of a Lion Air’s passenger riding a broken Lion Air aircraft. A suggestion: don’t fly with Lion Air. If you don’t have money, better stay at home. It’s not worth wasting your time, or even your life. Trust me.

Last big event, on 27 Dec 2015 I finally bought an iPhone 6s 64GB Space Gray. Yay! Bought it with my own saving I’ve been saving for the last 6 months. Is it worth it? Totally. Longer battery life, better signal searching, better camera, 3D touch-which I’m not really used to and other great features.

Well that sums up my life in 2015. I’m expecting great things and great experiences in 2016.

Also it’s better late than never: Merry Christmas 2015 and Happy New Year 2016!